About the R.E.L.E.A.S.E Program

Are you experiencing the accumulation of stress, negative emotion, and hardships from the past interfering with your joy and ability to thrive in the

moment? The R.E.L.E.A.S.E. program is a series of seven integrative energy healing sessions, either in-person or via Phone (or Skype), designed to

facilitate deep healing and rapid transformation. Nothing exists without our perception of it to be so, so we closely examin your belief system, way of

perceiving, and ability to digest emotional and mental energy. You will be given tools for growth and nurtured with unconditional love through the

whole process. This is likely the space to heal and transform that you've been waiting for! The program is offered in person in Los Angeles, although

you will receive the same quality of care and profound transformation via the phone or Skype sessions.


Below is a general guide as to what is covered in each two hour session:



Session 1: Reveal

Discuss your Goals & Intentions, and journey through the healing techniques below with a focus on getting to the root of any blockages, confusion, and/or negativity to REVEAL what's happening within your personal space throughout the deeper layers.


Aura cleansing

  • -Removes outside energies

  • -Strengthens your electromagnetic field

  • -Increases your Radiance & Magnetism

  • -Impoves clarity & true sense of Self


    Chakra balancing

  • -Opening of each chakra

  • -Release blockages

  • -Restoration of balance to the body, mind & spirit


    Connect to Higher Self

    -Through visualization & guided meditation

  • -Activation the frontal lobe through imagination, the doorway to subtle realms

  • -Opening of Intuition & slowing of the brain rate


Crystal Lay Out

  • -Gemstone Healing

  • -Sound bath (singing bowls, chimes, gong)


    Receiving messages from your Angels or Spirit Guides


    Healing through Reiki



  • -Aromatherapy

  • -The whole energy field is "blanketed up"

  • -Bells- Sound vibration: Bells activate the new energy and bring you back into cognitive awareness



  • -You will be given immediately or emailed a recommended practice to help you remain clear and focused


Session 2: Extract

*Recommended 1-2 weeks after Session 1. You will be much more self aware after session 1, and ready to have a deeper cleansing of negative emotion, thought patterns, pain, and other unwanted manifestations. This session will focus on EXTRACTING twisted energy patterns and generational & societal programming.


Intuitive Counseling


Releasing stress & resistance


Softening control issues


Clearing treatment for EMF's & radiation that could be interfering with your emotional & physical health


Identify why certain behaviors are more difficult to transform than others & begin to uproot them


Generational healing

  • -Alleviate the burdon of inheriting your parents unresolved issues 

  • -Cutting or cords and Ectoplasmic threads "cutting the umbilical cord"

  • -Clearing family Karma and cutting limiting cycles


    General Healing 


    Formation of a dedicated crystal grid to amplify your clearing process 


Session 3: Love

*Recommended 1-2 weeks after Session 2. You will be ready to fill receive a nurturing treatment and learn how to approach all facets of life from a place of LOVE. 


Guidance into a fuller sense of self and awareness of your unique talents & gifts


Accessing inner courage to venture into the unknown & understanding morph genetic imprints


Moving into the higher dimensions & frequencies


Visualization/ experience of: lifting out of your body and facing yourself. Initiation of self love (silence acknowledgement, listing and receiving the energy)


Accessing your Divine Self Worth, Havingness, Deservingness, Prosperity Consciousness, Compassion & Gratitude


Raise your Upper Limit and learn to expect what you want


Inspiration & empowerment


Session 4: Elevate

*Recommended 1-2 weeks after Session 3. This session will focus on guiding the mind to serve the Soul in order to ELEVATE to your highest overall efficiency.  


Healing treatment to for balancing the left & right hemispheres of the brain for ultimate presence & neutrality


Third eye activation for intuition, trust in your internal wisdom, and ability to identify opportunities


Neuroplasticity treatment & crystalline Light infusion


Deeper cleaning of the amygdala (brain-function: our patterns on loop & hard wiring)


Induces more ease of choice mastery control of your mind so that it is working for you instead of against you


Session 5: Ascend

*Recommended 1-2 weeks after Session 4. This session will focus on the subtle energy channels, DNA, and Bioregenesis in order for you to ASCEND in consciousness.  


Healing circuit

  • -Sends current in one side of the body out the other
  • -Clears the 72,000 subtle energy channels (Nadis)


DNA Activation

  • -Awaken your unique DNA blueprint that holds the coding of your Destiny

    Activate the 12 strands that are associated with the 12 chakra system and 12 dimensions


    Bio regenesis

  • -Stimulating the cells in the body and repairing the nervous system to support ultimate, health & balance and bridge the different parts of the brain together

  • -Gain access to more than the typical 10% of the brain that most people are using


    Increase your intelligence by raising your frequency


    Session 6: Simplify

    *Recommended 1-2 weeks after Session 5. This session will focus on how you can SIMPLIFY your life to create more space for what you want. This has a direct impact on your holographic reality and frees you from unnecessary mental & emotional entanglements.   


    Personal space check-in: is everything serving a purpose?


    Guided meditation for Spiritual Hygeine & mental clarity


    Setting space permissions & security cords


    Learning to live downstream in ease


    Mastering the Spiritual law of attraction


    Flash writing intentions (categories)


  • Session 7: Excellence

    *Recommended 1-2 weeks after Session 6. This session will activate you to live in EXCELLENCE and master the art of being present.

     Accessing & defining your Excellence


    Learning to respect the moment


    Soul Retrieval – ensuring all of your energy is with you


    Increasing trust


    Re-Grouping: make sure you are clear on Action steps & practices