About the E.A.S.Y. Program

The E.A.S.Y. Program is a series of four holistic integrative healing sessions, designed to accelerate your ultimate well being and bring you EASE instead of dis-ease.  We are now living in a time where we can manifest quickly and easily, but it requires a "system update" to the new vibration so we closely examin your belief system, way of perceiving, and ability to digest emotional and mental energy to clear the path. You will be given valuable insights, practical tools, and a sacred space built on love through the whole process. This is likely the space to heal and transform that you've been waiting for! It is offered in person in Los Angeles, although you will receive the same quality of care and profound transformation via virtual sessions. If you are ready to learn about the power of inclusive language, the truth about the law of attraction, and the real power of intention, this program is for you.   Below is a general guide as to what is covered in each two hour session:   Session 1: Essentials   Discuss your Goals & Intentions   Aura cleansing -Removes outside energies -Strengthens your electromagnetic field -Increases your Radiance & Magnetism -Impoves clarity & true sense of Self   Chakra balancing -Opening of each chakra -Release blockages -Restoration of balance to the body, mind & spirit   Connect to Higher Self -Through visualization & guided meditation -Activation the frontal lobe through imagination, the doorway to subtle realms -Opening of Intuition & slowing of the brain rate           Crystal Lay Out -Gemstone Healing -Sound bath (singing bowls, chimes, gong)   -Receiving messages from your Angels or Spirit Guides   -Healing through Reiki   -Grounding -Aromatherapy -The whole energy field is "blanketed up" -Bells- Sound vibration: Bells activate the new energy and bring you back into cognitive awareness   Prescription -You will be given immediately or emailed a recommended practice to help you stay on track   Session 2: Alleviate *Recommended 2-4 weeks after Session 1. You will be much more self aware after session 1, and ready to alleviate negative emotion, thought patterns, and other unwanted manifestations. This session will focus on deeper layers.   Intuitive Counseling   Releasing stress & resistance so you can open & integrate the essentials on a deeper level   Identify why certain behaviors are more difficult to transform than others & begin to uproot them   Generational healing -Alleviate the burdon of inheriting your parents unresolved issues  -Cutting or cords and Ectoplasmic threads "cutting the umbilical cord" -Clearing family Karma and cutting limiting cycles   Guidance into a fuller sense of self and awareness of your unique talents & gifts   Experience the key components of the Essentials session again to reinforce   Formation of a dedicated crystal grid to amplify your expansion process    Session 3: Supercede *Recommended 2-4 weeks after Session 2. You will be ready to translate the concepts introduced in sessions 1 & 2 into ACTION!   Healing treatment to for balancing the left & right hemispheres of the brain for ultimate presence & neutrality   Third eye activation for intuition, trust in your internal wisdom, and ability to identify opportunities   Accessing inner courage to venture into the unknown & understanding morph genetic imprints   Inspiration & empowerment   Neuroplasticity treatment & crystalline Light infusion   Moving into the higher dimensions   Healing circuit -Sends current in one side of the body out the other -Clears the 72,000 subtle energy channels (Nadis)   Deeper cleaning of the amygdala (brain-function: our patterns on loop & hard wiring)       Induces more ease of choice mastery control of your mind so that it is working for you instead of against you   Visualization/ experience of: lifting out of your body and facing yourself. Initiation of self love (silence acknowledgement, listing and receiving the energy)           Result: More acceptance of self   Session 4: Yes! *Recommended 2-4 weeks after Session 3. This session will conclude the series with great momentum and induce a feeling of victory, excellence, and flow.   DNA Activation -Awaken your unique DNA blueprint that holds the coding of your Destiny Bio regenesis: -Stimulating the cells in the body and repairing the nervous system to support ultimate, health & balance and bridge the different parts of the brain together -Gain access to more than the typical 10% of the brain that most people are using   Raise your Upper Limit and connection to self worth for increased prosperity & love   Soul Retrieval – ensuring all of your energy is with you   Re-Grouping: make sure you are clear on Action steps & practices   Blessing   Gratitude